We are college and career-ready


We’re a tuition-free, open enrollment public charter school preparing East Austin youth to attend and excel at top universities.


We ensure every student is college ready through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach, including academics, social and emotional development, and exposure to a wide array of extracurricular opportunities. We graduate well-rounded students — ready to excel in college and compete in the global economy.

High Expectations

We expect our students to succeed, and we’re here to motivate them to do just that. By emphasizing respect, pride, hard work and responsibility, we pave the way to graduation. Ours is a rigorous curriculum that promotes the critical thinking, problem solving, writing and technical skills necessary to pursue young dreams.

Individualized Support

Student progress is tracked throughout the year and is a key part of our program. By collecting achievement data, we’re able to make timely, informed decisions on the pace and appropriateness of learning. We accelerate learning by constructing intervention strategies for struggling students that efficiently move all students toward targeted learning goals.

Parents as Partners

We view parents as partners in their children’s education. Knowing that educational, cultural and language barriers exist, we communicate with parents in an inclusive manner that welcomes active engagement. Parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress and opportunities to participate both at home and at school.

More Classroom Time

The value of increased classroom time is manifold: More opportunities for student learning, for teacher support and individualized attention, for exposure to the world beyond home. Our longer school days and longer school year add 259 hours of classroom instruction annually as compared to traditional Austin ISD schools.

Safe and Nurturing Community

We aim to be integral to the community — from spreading our message door to door to creating a safe and stimulating learning environment. We’re uniting school and families through Family Literacy Nights, our Parent-Teacher Organization and regular Open Houses, setting the stage for generations of engaged, happy learners.

Teachers as Leaders

Studies indicate even a single top teacher can change a child’s life. * We focus on recruiting the best educators and empower them to shape curriculum and school culture. Our teachers take personal responsibility in providing the best educational experience for each and every student.

* Chetty, Friedman and Rockhoff (2011)
Austin Achieve Public Schools does not discriminate in its admission decisions on the basis of age; race, color, or national origin; sex, gender, or gender identity; or disability, or relationship or association with an individual with a disability; religion; academic, artistic, or athletic ability. Elementary opening date pending approval by The Texas Education Agency.

Meet our team

    Campus Leadership

  • Mackee Mason High School Principal
  • Reece Hartle Middle School Principal
  • Greta Kwedar Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Joe Ten Brook Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Daniela Rubio High School Assistant Principal
  • Ashcon Habibi Director of Special Education
  • Shared Services Team

  • John Armbrust Executive Director and Founder
  • Emily Morrison Director of Development
  • Tyler Heath Director of Operations
  • Lizett Ternes Business Manager and Parent Liaison
  • Erin Buthman Development Associate
  • Jessica Perez Communications Associate
  • Family and Student Support Staff

  • David Abundis Teaching Fellow
  • Caitlin Carter Teaching Fellow
  • Rocio Cerna Office Manager
  • Elizabeth Cerna Teaching Fellow
  • Claudia Coquis Food Service Program Coordinator
  • Nicole Duque Teaching Fellow
  • Kali Fagnant Social Worker
  • Lupe Mercado IT Director
  • Taylor Miller VISTA
  • Kenn Peters Restorative Justice
  • Casandra Reyes PEIMS Coordinator
  • Jessica Salazar Office Manager
  • Daniel Ten Brook Teaching Fellow
  • William “Tate” Wilkinson Teaching Fellow
  • Cellostine Williams Facilities Care
  • Ignacio Zaragoza Facilities Care

    Middle School Faculty

  • Matthew Balter
  • Sara Bentley
  • Sarah Bishop
  • Hannah Bratton
  • Alexa Burdett
  • Samuel Camarillo
  • Julie Ann Clark
  • Jessica Evans
  • Ellie Ezzell
  • Claire Fritz
  • Andrea Garcia
  • Lace J. Garcia
  • Naina Gonsalves
  • Keith Hartle
  • Kristen Helmsdoerfer
  • Sarita Lakey
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Kyle Lemere
  • Jessi Lopez
  • Marissa Marsh
  • Zack McLaughlin
  • Charissa Mureen
  • Tiffani Nguyen
  • Roxanne Szal
  • Jordan Temple
  • Robin Trevor
  • Tyler Walker
  • Jane Waterman
  • Slynar Zelee

    High School Faculty

  • Patrick Brosnan
  • Adrian Edmonds
  • Ian Gerg
  • Stephanie Gongora
  • Thomas Joyce
  • Rebecca Merten
  • Christine Mitchell
  • Sara Morris
  • Elizabeth Perkins
  • Matthew Platt
  • Annemarie Potts
  • Britney Rossman
  • Special Education Faculty

  • Brandi Alexander
  • Emily Baroski
  • Melissa Hansen
  • Stephanie Jean-Pierre
  • Anthony Jimenez (Tony)
  • Addie Schoen
  • Kaili Skrobarczyk
  • Allyson Szatny
  • Meredith Williams
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We are just beginning an amazing journey to transform the lives of hundreds and eventually thousands of students in East Austin. Now is the time to join our team of passionate, talented educators and staff.



We’re empowered by our collective drive to design stimulating, effective learning experiences. Our classrooms are laboratories for exploration: Preparing students for an ever-changing world.
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Our Leadership Team is motivated by "it can't be done." Because we know it can. We understand education is a business: The business of changing young lives and building bright futures. View Available Positions

Board of Directors

The Austin Achieve Board of Directors is the steward of our mission, vision and goals. Dedicated to strategic growth, the board provides leadership and guidance to ensure Austin Achieve continues to thrive as a premier charter campus.

  • Andy Greenawalt Board Chair
  • G. Nelson Crowe, III Vice Chair
  • Temp Keller Secretary
  • Eloisa Acha
  • Amanda Berger
  • Kathrin Brewer
  • Jack Cardwell
  • Cooper Drenner
  • Christopher Harte
  • James Nortey
  • Jonathan Pearce
  • Trey Salinas
  • Paul Schappert
  • Catherine P. Thompson
  • Laurence G. Walker Legacy Member
  • Steve Clark Board Member Emeritus
  • Sterling Lands II Board Member Emeritus
  • Bruce Todd Board Member Emeritus