We Challenge

Located in underserved East Austin, we challenge students through our rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Our extended school day and longer school year provide 259 hours of additional classroom instruction annually.

We Collaborate

Teachers and staff work alongside students and their families to ensure no one falls behind. We carefully monitor achievement data throughout the year to measure progress and design intervention programs for struggling students.

We Participate

Through our commitment to neighborhood outreach and inclusion, we work with a variety of non-profit and community organizations. These partnerships allow us to offer engaging programs for our students and their families.

We Get Results

  • 100%
    of our families believe their child will do well enough at austin achieve to go to college.
  • 100%
    of students at Austin Achieve have access to transportation.
  • 92%
    of our families would recommend Austin Achieve to another family.

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A Young Entrepreneur

My father always tells me “you have to sacrifice now to be happy later.” I believe he means that I have to be fully focused on my schoolwork and not worry about anything else. I am a Mexican-American kid and I know my road to college might have some holes and speed bumps, but Austin Achieve is helping me get there.

My dream is to become a businessman and create my own company so that I can provide jobs for people. In my computer science and college seminar classes at Austin Achieve, I am learning about different types of jobs and new businesses that I could start one day. If I am able to achieve my dreams, I will not just help myself, but also the people that will work for me so maybe they won't have to worry about economic problems like my family and I do.

To get to college, Austin Achieve is helping me put in the effort now by teaching me how to qualify for as many scholarships and grants as possible. I know this hard work will all be worth it in the end, because I know I need a college education so that I can become great in life. College will not be easy, but nothing is impossible. If I set my mind for the goal of completing college, I know I will graduate and make my father proud.

Irvin, Class of 2019


A creative mind at play

Whether inside or outside the classroom, 8th grader Mac's inquisitive personality shines.

Expressing his creativity is what defines Mac and what drew him to Austin Achieve. "It was a new school I wanted to try out," he says. My favorite class is art. I love it so much, because I get to be creative. The teachers push me, then I get a little break, and then they push me some more."

Art teacher Lace Garcia has gently "pushed" Mac and witnessed the blossoming of his creative side. "Mac is one of those students whose creative development has been impressive to watch and be part of-from seeing him pick up a guitar for the first time to convincing him of the importance of inking his comics to take them to the next level. He keeps a teacher hopeful and excited."

Austin Achieve's fresh approach to education includes plenty of fresh air, a key attraction for Mac. "My favorite thing about Austin Achieve," he says, "is all the time we get to spend outdoors." An hour of physical education is held outside daily. Some of the faculty members sometimes teach outdoors, as well, including interactive science labs and hands-on activities.

Austin Achieve values a student's creative mind and encourages creative thinking in and out of the classroom. Teacher Garcia points to Mac as a student who has taken advantage of and even become a student leader in the school's arts programs, including music. "My favorite after-school activity is Guitar Club, because I can play my emotions," says Mac, "and I've always wanted to be able to play an instrument."

This emerging Renaissance man has plenty of natural talent and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. And though only 13, Mac has his eyes set on the future and all the potential it holds. "I want to be an actor, because when you're an actor, you can be anything."