Data & Compliance

The Data & Compliance Team at Austin Achieve manages student information and student systems so you don't have to.

We have a responsibility to continually strive for accuracy in PEIMS data. PEIMS is the abbreviation for the Public Education Information Management System. It is a data collection system for gathering student, staff, financial, and organization data for school districts and education service centers. 

In order to ACHIEVE Data Quality in PEIMS, we must be willing to work as a team to efficiently collect, communicate, code, and maintain all data. Here is a summary of the things we support the district with:

• Scholar Enrollment and or Withdrawals

• Scholar Cumulative Records

• Scholar Attendance

• Scholar Record Requests

• Scholar Annual Registration

• Master Scheduling & Scholar Schedule Changes

• Scholar Graduation Plans & High School Transcripts

• Student Information System Management

• Reports/Raw Data Requests

• PEIMS and other State Reporting Requirements


Meet the Staff

Angela Mendez

Data & Compliance Manager