Elementary School-Northeast

Austin Achieve Elementary School-Northeast
7424 E Hwy 290
Austin, Texas 78723
Building 1
Mariela Mensik
School Hours
M - Th: 7:15AM - 3:15PM
F: 7:15AM - 1:10PM

At the elementary school, learning is synonymous with creating, discovering, and exploring. Our curriculum includes traditional academics as well as social-emotional learning activities, art, computer coding, and project-based learning.

This diverse approach ensures scholars develop a strong foundation of core knowledge and critical thinking skills. Our elementary school curriculum is designed to instill a love of learning at an early age, promoting habits of success to prepare young scholars for the road to college.

Austin Achieve Public Schools provides its scholars with access to a high-quality public education. Our unique approach combines rigorous academics, a social and emotional learning-based curriculum, and a restorative justice approach to discipline. 

Texas charter schools receive $1,500 less per scholar per year than traditional public schools.

Parent & Scholar Resources

Campus Leadership

Fortune Attardo, Assistant Principal of Operations
Ciclalik Delgado-Lopez, Assistant Principal
Renee Giles, Assistant Principal
Eric Ikonne, Assistant Principal
Mari Tibbetts, Assistant Principal

Elementary School-Northeast Directory

Darlene Whalon

Special Education Paraprofessional

Pamela Williams

Special Education Paraprofessional

Kimberly Zardavets

Special Education Teacher
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