Middle School

Scholars in class
Austin Achieve Middle School
5908 Manor Road
Austin, Texas 78723
Ms. Holliday
School Hours
M - Th: 7:15AM - 3:00PM
F: 7:15AM - 12:45PM


Our multifaceted middle school curriculum is founded in our rigorous standards for college readiness and includes a variety of advanced academic courses and an extensive wellness curriculum.

A middle school student reading with a teacher

Our advanced course sequence includes a comprehensive series of literacy classes as well as Algebra I for all 8th-grade scholars. All scholars participate in daily PE and wellness lessons where they learn how to build and maintain positive relationships, manage their emotions, and gain the skills necessary to understand and respect the perspectives of others.

Scholar & Parent Resources

Campus Leadership

Ms. Holliday, Middle School Principal
Stephanie Lara, Assistant Principal of Operations
Andrea Garcia Mallea, Assistant Principal of Instruction
Samuel Camarillo, Assistant Principal of Culture

Middle School Directory

Chantal Wynn


Slynar Zelee

Restorative Justice Coordinator
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