High School

Austin Achieve High School
7424 E. Hwy. 290
Austin, Texas 78723
Building 2
Mackee Mason
School Hours
M - TH:  9AM - 4:35PM
F:  9AM - 3:05PM

At the high school level, our curriculum and courses are designed to cultivate the skills, mindsets, and knowledge our scholars need to successfully navigate the demands of college and professional life.

Several of our courses are taught at an Advanced Placement (AP) level and culminate with AP exams. Many colleges and universities use AP exam scores to offer college credits or place students in advanced classes. In addition, scholars will have an opportunity to earn college credit by enrolling in OnRamps courses. Scholars that take OnRamps courses are enrolled at the University of Texas and are co-taught by Austin Achieve teachers and UT professors. This unique opportunity provides scholars with an experience that exceeds traditional early-college programs, providing them with access to one of the highest-caliber university programs in Texas.

In addition to academic preparation, all high school scholars take College Seminar, a 4-year course sequence that provides scholars with practical information and necessary skills to succeed in college. Course topics include effective essay writing, financial literacy, how to access scholarships and grants, ACT preparation, how to navigate being a first-generation college scholar, social-emotional skills, and much more.

Scholar & Parent Resources

Campus Leadership

Mackee Mason, High School Principal
Adrian Edmonds, Principal in Residence
Kyle Lemere, Assistant Principal of Operations
Annemarie Potts, Assistant Principal of Instruction
Greta Kwedar, Assistant Principal of Culture

High School Staff Directory

Gladys Reyna


Jacqueline Rivera

Special Education Paraprofessional

Hannah Robertson

Teaching Fellow

Nathanael Robertson

Social Worker

Britney Rossman Walker

College Completion Counselor

Audra Salas


Jennifer Salazar-Cruz

Front Office Coordinator

Kaili Skrobarczyk

Special Education Teacher

Ariel Stephanick

Teaching Fellow

Hannah Temple


Jordan Temple


Elizabeth Ten Brook

Director of College Counseling

Claudia Teran


Alajah Thompson

Special Education Paraprofessional

Yvonne Trinh

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