Inclement Weather Protocols

Weather can be unpredictable in Central Texas. Any time there is a concern for an inclement weather event, we use the following protocol to help drive the decision-making process to either delay the start of school or cancel school. The safety of our staff and scholars is our top priority and we use all information available to us to help make our decision.

How is the decision made?

We make our decision to open or close schools in bad weather based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Consultations with local emergency management, law enforcement and weather experts. In the days leading up to an inclement weather event, Austin Achieve gathers information from local emergency and weather experts

  • Consideration of neighboring school districts. While every school district is unique, we collaborate with other schools in the area to help guide our decision making. 

  • Information on road conditions from transportation staff and TxDOT. 

  • Current and projected weather conditions - weather is unpredictable and forecasts are not always accurate, but we do our best to factor this into our decision making.

  • Facilities - Austin Achieve ensures buildings are safe to use before resuming normal operations following an inclement weather event.

Who makes the decision?

It is a collaborative process but the superintendent is responsible for the final decision, based on the above factors and recommendations from district staff, including the facilities, transportation, technology, and child nutrition departments.

When will families be notified if school is canceled or delayed?

We will make every effort to make decisions on late start, early release, or school cancellations as early as possible to allow employees and families enough time to make appropriate plans. Families and staff will be notified no later than 5:00am.

How will the public be notified?

If there is a cancellation or delay, families and staff will be notified by text/email through SchoolMessenger.

Information about school delays, early dismissal, or school closures will also be communicated through district website, district social media accounts and local media, including but not limited to:

If school is canceled due to inclement weather, will we have to make up days?

Per our policy, the first two school days missed due to weather will not be made up. If more than two days are missed, lost instructional time will be made up on the bad weather make-up days listed on the academic calendar.


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