The Teaching Fellow program is a year-long program set up to assist aspiring teachers in their path to becoming a Lead Teacher. At the beginning of each school year, Fellows will be matched with one Lead Teacher that will mentor them through the many aspects and duties of lead teaching. Using a carefully designed Scope and Sequence, Mentor teachers will coach Fellows through teaching opportunities and work through important skills with them over the course of the school year.
These opportunities and skills include:
-observations of master teachers in multiple grade levels
-building classroom management skills 
-collecting and analyzing data 
-classroom teaching experience with targeted feedback 
-creating lesson plans 
-and much more!
This is a unique experience that allows future teachers a chance to get hands-on experience before stepping into their very own classroom as a Lead Teacher.
Please contact Desirae Allison, Talen Recruitment Manager at

Meet the Staff

Desirae Allison

Talent Recruitment Manager

Teaching Fellows At Austin Achieve

“The Teaching Fellow position is a perfect stepping stone for prospective teachers. Within our nurturing environment, future teachers are able to refine and perfect their distinct teaching style. With one on one coaching, fellow fellows learn the most important craft elements of teaching and are able to get hands-on experience in several different classroom settings. It is a masterclass in learning how to be a great teacher before your first day of school.”

-Eli Karren, current 3rd grade teacher

"I think my willingness to seek growth, flexibility and assuming positive intent were all important tools when I was a Teaching Fellow. Each day was challenging, but I learned so much. I think because I was able to observe and substitute for many teachers in different grades, it gave me an opportunity to practice a variety of routines and procedures. I was able to use this time to figure out my teaching style and develop my own mindset of what I envisioned my own class would look like. My advice for new Teaching Fellows is: be flexible, observe and take notes, self-reflect, and ask for help! We have wonderful, talented teachers here at Austin Achieve Public Schools who are willing to support and “do whatever it takes to make sure we are all successful.”

-Stephanie Burns, current 1st grade teacher